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My partner and i saw this movie in the 20 city live red carpet cast premiere. Even though the movie has a lot of talented cast like Mario Bello, Jason Issacs, Sigourney Weaver, Alfred Molina – the movie along with the poster squarely focuses with Taylor Lautner. The red carpet discuss was about his martial arts background and the quite a few cuts and bruises everyone had suffered during the filming process. I was expecting a good stunt based, action oriented movie; even more by your talk and comparisons designed to the Bourne Identity Shiny Damon and Mission Not possible Tom Cruise.

First and foremost, the writing is slack, the story is riddled using weak dialog and clich?s, tones changes on a whim – there isn’t much more to the particular plot than what’s given in the trailer – a missing children website producing the world of pistols, secret agents, CIAs etc etc. This movie continues some sort of trend in modern CSI-CIA-crime composing; a lack of idea of the basic principles of technology and I guess it won’t bother most of the people but for me the main plot seemed rather compelled.

The most disappointing thing was how the action never felt such as a high grade action flick. The much vaunted stunts arrived as weak and this fights were just basic B-movie stuff that would have been acceptable in an early 90s action flick. There are no big car chases plus the big stadium final set-piece is bit anti-climatic since writing couldn’t cover the basic lack of oomph within it. This is even more surprising because director John Singleton’s last movie may be the ultra-violent “Four Brothers”.

The man Taylor Lautner themselves does his thing and manages never to look like turning into a werewolf every time. He doesn’t impress along with his acting or his fighting techinques; which begs on why he didn’t refer to a full team of fighting methods coaches and stunt-men for making this movie into the action star vehicle. Lily Collins as Nathan’s love interest looks a bit plain jane and does not have any personality; and doesn’t quite produce the chemistry with Taylor Lautner. The train kissing world, which we were instructed would leave many a new girls jealous, feels more voyeuristic and uncomfortable than jealousy-inducing forceful.

I hate to say it nevertheless it feels like a quick benefit from Taylor Lautner’s name in addition to fame. Everything is so undercooked and also cheap feeling with a lot of blatant and obtrusive product placements it’s just a big dupe to find the Twilight fans and teenager’s citation sales before anyone realizes that this isn’t a good film.