Tips On the LitterMaid Automatic Litter Box System

LitterMaid, which you’ve probably heard of if you’re looking for an automated litter box, makes several varieties of self cleaning litter boxes. Benefits of a self cleaning litter box include less work for you and a better smelling house. The following review will look at some of the good and bad points many customers have experienced.

If you are looking for a more modern look the LitterMaid LME500 is quite popular as far as models go. Most people are more concerned with the look of their cat’s litter box than their cat is but it can be an important consideration. This model is designed for one cat of average to small size. The Elite model would be a better choice if you have a larger cat.

Yet both models use the same technology that automatically rakes away waste into receptacles minutes after your cat exits the box.

The LitterMaid makes the One-Step Litterbox that is semiautomatic for those that don’t want to buy an expensive model. Unlike some of their expensive units, you have to step on a pedal to sweep away the waste. Yet this is still easier and more sanitary than a typical litter box, as you don’t have to do any scooping. The One-Step comes with four waste receptacles and four carbon filters, like the fully automated models, so odors are controlled. You can take the rake out that makes it easy to clean. Getting the semi-automated litter box that sells for $69 rather than the fully automated one that is $100 may fit better for your budget.

The cost is often a major reason that people don’t purchase the LitterMaid system. This is a factor you do have to consider, because it’s always cheaper to use a basic pan litter box. If you want the convenience of a self-cleaning box, it’s obviously going to cost more. You can look forward to a price tag of about $150 and can sometimes be found online just a bit less than that. On top of the initial cost you have the cost of replacement filters and receptacles. You must weigh the pros and cons before making the decision that’s best for you. You will find that the LitterMaid litter boxes is perfect for saving you the hassle of having to clean out a traditional litter box. Even though it’s not a perfect product and it is more costly than traditional litter boxes it can make your home more sanitary and keep you from working so hard to maintain your cats litter box. We’ve given you some insight into the benefits and drawbacks of the LitterMaid litter boxes now all you have to do is decide if it’s right for you.