SaaS Hosting – Transparency is important

A good article at Joel York’s SaaS Blog (Chaotic Flow) titled “SaaS Marketing Tips – The actual fact Shall Set You Free”, explains the critical difference inside the sales process between selling traditional software and Software-as-a-Service. This difference is transparency, or lack thereof, regarding the appliance company including a sales process difference which happens to be applied to various as-a-Service companies including SaaS hosting providers.

Traditional software companies teach their sales employees “in order to prevent disclosing any more information compared to the minimum necessary to the deal is closed”. On account of the one-time payment structure of those deals, it renders it a short-term target both the deal and the relationship along with your potential client. However, with SaaS services one can “try before they buy” and, with respect to the contract length, walk whenever they like in the event the service will not be recommended to their liking. This causes long-term focus, making transparency and trust from the both parties more natural.

As Joel points out, Ppc is a superb example:

“Attention the amount provide right now on Ppc without ever having spoken to a sales rep. What makes this compare for the own average selling price for online transactions? Now, ask yourself why. The answer is transparency, from company reputation to cost-per-click.”