Breast Enlargement Surgery: Things To Consider

There are various ways of increasing the size of your breasts. In the past, people have tried injecting silicone or other products directly into the breast to increase their size. We now know this produces unsatisfactory cosmetic results, and may be unsafe. Most augmentation procedures in the UK are now performed by inserting silicone implants under the breast to increase the size.

Silicone Breast Implants

Almost all implants inserted in the UK are made from Cohesive Silicone Gel. This is soft but fairly solid silicone, which, even if the implant were damaged, should not leak significantly as it is ‘Cohesive’. These implants give a natural shape and feel to the augmented breast.

There are generally two types of implants – shaped or round. Generally, shaped implants (also known as ‘Biodimensional’ or ‘Anatomical’) tend to give a slightly more natural look, whereas round implants give a rounder more classically ‘augmented boob job’ look. Your surgeon will advise you which type would suit you best.

The Surgical Procedure

A general anaesthetic is required so that the patient is asleep during the procedure. small cut is made in each breast, either under the breast or around the nipple, and a pocket is made under the breast into which the implant is placed. The incisions are the stitched with dissolvable stitches. Sometimes a small plastic tube is left as a drain overnight.

Most women stay in hospital overnight. There is not excessive pain, but women often complain of discomfort (like some women experience just before their period) for up to about 2 weeks. You should consider having 2 weeks off work, and will need help with the children or other family matters for a similar time.

What can you expect from Boob job surgery?

It is important that you have realistic expectations of your surgery. Most women are pleased with the outcome of surgery, and feel improved self confidence as a result. However, complications, although rare, are real, and the pros and cons of any procedure must be weighed up on an individual basis.

It is important that you discuss your own specific concerns and requirements with your surgeon before agreeing to undergo any kind of cosmetic surgery.

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